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About us

In Australia we provide investors with

  • Opportunities to asset classes often underrepresented in portfolios; or
  • Beyond-the-usual approaches to established investment categories.

Unlock opportunities with VanEck's investment strategies that are designed to give you unequalled access to markets, sectors and intelligent investment ideas.

We seek to provide long-term, superior performance in all our offerings, giving investors a broad choice of strategies. VanEck is one of the world’s largest exchange traded product issuers.

In Australia our range of exchange traded funds (ETFs) offer investors intelligently designed investment strategies that take advantage of targeted market opportunities.

VanEck in Australia

Our funds have received multiple awards and are highly rated with the investor community.

VanEck’s Australian business was launched in 2013. VanEck Australia is run by a local executive team which has deep investment management experience and a passion to bring the best quality investment solutions to clients. The executive team has grown the business to be one of the largest ETF businesses in Australia. With a focus on client outcomes and superior product design we continue to strive to bring the best to Australian investors.

VanEck's global heritage

VanEck was founded in New York in 1955 by John C. van Eck Jr with the launch of an innovative international investment vehicle for Americans to invest in foreign growth stocks. Mr van Eck was a pioneer of international investing being one of the first to recognise the potential opportunities in the post-World War II economic recoveries of Europe and Japan.

In 1968, after studying under the Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises at New York University, Mr van Eck moved the bulk of the portfolio into gold mining shares, predicting that worldwide inflation would lead to gold mines offering better growth prospects than industrial and financial investments. The International Investors Gold Fund remains the oldest fund to concentrate in precious metals mining shares and it was launched in time for investors to participate in the great gold bull market of the 1970s.

In 2006 VanEck launched the US’s first ever gold miners ETF. VanEck is now one of the largest exchange traded product providers in the US and worldwide.

VanEck’s global CEO is Jan van Eck who continues the family tradition. The firm remains a privately owned investment management business and has expanded across the globe.