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  • GMVW
    VanEck Geared Australian Equal Weight Fund (Hedge Fund)

    VanEck Geared Australian Equal Weight Fund (Hedge Fund)

    • NAV

      as at 23-Jul-24
    • Total Net Assets
    • Dividend Frequency
      2 each year
    • Management fee (p.a.)
    • Number of securities
    • Inception Date
    *The Fund charges a nil management fee. This is the indirect cost represented as a percentage of the gross asset value. If the average gearing level is 50%, the indirect cost will be 0.70% of the net asset value. Other fees and costs may apply. Please refer to the PDS.


    Fund description

    GMVW gives investors geared exposure to the VanEck Australian Equal Weight ETF (ASX: MVW).

    Key benefits

    Geared Australian equity strategy

    An Australian equity strategy that combines investors' funds and borrowed funds to invest in the VanEck Australian Equal Weight ETF (MVW).

    Simple and convenient

    One trade diversified access on ASX that avoids the costs and complications of margin loans and CFDs, with no margin calls.

    Enhanced return potential

    The return potential, in both directions, is boosted by gearing.


    An investment in the Fund carries risk. The Fund borrows money to increase the amount it can invest. While this can result in larger gains in a rising market, it can also magnify losses in a falling market. The greater the level of gearing in the Fund, the greater the potential loss of capital. The Fund is considered to have a higher investment risk than a comparable fund that is ungeared. Investors should actively monitor their investment as frequently as daily to ensure it continues to meet their investment objectives. See the VanEck Geared Australian Equal Weight Fund (Hedge Fund) PDS and TMD for more details.


    Holdings & allocations


    Election of Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP)

    You can elect DRP by logging into Link’s Investor Centre ( Once you are logged in, please proceed to the “Payments and Tax” tab and select “Reinvestment Update”.

    Documents & insights

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