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Understand what is Smart Beta and why it is the next evolution of investing.

Investment Strategies

If you think the market is overpriced, we think there are pockets of value. Here are three undervalued asset classes.


KKR, Ares, Blackstone, Goldman Sachs. You may have seen these names in the financial press. They are deal makers and capital markets specialists. Each of these ‘giants’ runs a listed private credit company.

Australian Equity

As we come to the final week of Australia’s February earnings season, so far, earnings have fared better than expected with beats outweighing misses 2:1.


How to align your values with your investments.

Australian Equity

There are two key benefits associated with borrowing to invest in Australian equities that can potentially help investors' portfolios.

Follow the smart money

GPEQ | Global Listed Private Equity ETF

Keep it equal and gain the advantage

MVW | Australian Equal Weight ETF

A world of QUALity is within your reach

QUAL | MSCI International Quality ETF