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Understand what is Smart Beta and why it is the next evolution of investing.

Vector Insights

We’ve seen a lot of confirmation bias recently and it would be naïve to think that confirmation bias doesn’t exist in financial markets. It goes a long way to explain the failings of most portfolios.


Investors should understand the many ways in which to invest in gold, and how to avoid finding Russian gold in your portfolio.

International Investing

Despite volatility, private equity investors have been rewarded this year. We delve into valuations and what recent share buybacks signal to the market.


How to align your values with your investments.

International Investing

Here we provide some insightful analysis of our popular International Quality ETF (QUAL) versus the standard international equity benchmark.

Follow the smart money

GPEQ | Global Listed Private Equity ETF

Keep it equal and gain the advantage

MVW | Australian Equal Weight ETF

A world of QUALity is within your reach

QUAL | MSCI International Quality ETF