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  • CNEW
    VanEck China New Economy ETF

    VanEck China New Economy ETF

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      as at 12-Apr-24
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      1 each year
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    The NAV is generally calculated daily after all markets are closed for that day based on the closing price of the securities on the relevant foreign stock exchange. The NAV is then converted to AUD based on the relevant London WM Reuters 4pm exchange rate. This means, due to Australia’s time zone, that the NAV will generally not be updated until around 1pm next business day.


    Fund Description

    CNEW gives investors a portfolio of fundamentally sound companies in China having growth prospects in sectors making up ‘the New Economy’, namely technology, health care, consumer staples and consumer discretionary. CNEW aims to provide investment returns, before fees and other costs, which track the performance of the Index.

    Key benefits

    Step into China's future prosperity today

    Access companies at the forefront of China's transformation representing the New Economy

    Diversified across companies and sectors

    Target New Economy companies within the technology, health care, consumer staples and consumer discretionary sectors

    A portfolio of China A-shares comprising fundamentally strong companies

    Invests in 120 fundamentally sound and attractively valued companies with growth prospects in China's New Economy

    Index Key points

    Underlying Index:

    MarketGrader China New Economy Index

    Underlying universe:

    All A-shares listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges that are covered and rated by MarketGrader, that are classified as consumer discretionary, consumer staples, health care or technology, and which have not suffered losses for two or more consecutive years.

    Selection criteria:

    All Index components are selected based on their overall MarketGrader grade. Built on a scale between 0 and 100, the MarketGrader grade is based on 24 fundamental indicators, which are broken down into four analytical categories: growth, value, profitability and cash flow. All of MarketGrader’s indicators and overall grades are calculated daily for all companies under coverage.


    The Index is equally weighted.

    Market Capitalisation requirements:

    All Index constituents must have a minimum total market cap of USD 500 million. At least 20% of all Index constituents (24 companies, 6 from each sector) must be designated as large or mid-caps according to MarketGrader’s annual size classification of all Shanghai and Shenzhen-listed equities under coverage.

    Liquidity requirements:

    A minimum 3-month daily traded value of USD 5 million.

    Rebalance frequency:

    The Index is reconstituted and rebalanced twice a year on the next trading day after the close of trading on the second Friday in June and December.


    Holdings & allocations


    Election of Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP)

    You can elect DRP by logging into Link’s Investor Centre ( Once you are logged in, please proceed to the “Payments and Tax” tab and select “Reinvestment Update”.

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