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10/09/21 New Research: The Proper(ty) Allocation  
20/04/21 New Research: Finding the pawns that will become Queens  
06/01/21 New Research: Levelling up  
06/11/20 New Research: More than zero  
17/06/20 New Research: The road to recovery  
17/04/20 White Paper: The long term case for Quality  
02/04/20 White Paper: The case of the missing asset class  
03/03/19 White Paper: Mastering Small Companies with Smart Beta  
26/09/18 Research paper: The case for taking a sustainable approach  
21/06/18 New Research: Why Equal Weighting Outperforms: The Mathematical Explanation  
26/05/17 Equal Weight: Outperforming three years on  
01/07/16 Smart Beta: Giving investors more for less  
16/06/16 White Paper: The unequalled power of equal weight investing  
01/06/15 White Paper: VanEck Vectors Small Companies Masters ETF (ASX Code: MVS)  
10/04/15 Equal weight investing in Australia: Twelve months on  
24/04/14 White Paper: Why Equal Weight? Strong Foundations Have Equal Footings