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VanEck Australian Corporate Bond Plus ETF PLUS

Fund description: PLUS invests in a diversified portfolio of Australian dollar denominated bonds consisting predominantly of the highest yielding investment grade corporate bonds issued in Australia with the aim of providing investment returns (before fees and other costs) that track the performance of the iBoxx AUD Corporates Yield Plus Mid Price Index.

Index description:  The iBoxx AUD Corporates Yield Plus Mid Price Index (IBXXAYM2) is designed to reflect the performance of the higher-yielding AUD denominated corporate bond market with credit ratings from AAA to BB-. Investment Grade bonds must make up at least 80% of the portfolio.

Country of domicile: Australia

 as at 26-May-22

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    Markit Indices Limited
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1The date the ETF was seeded prior to quotation on ASX.

as at 26-May-22

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