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Quality Investing

An approach for investing through the cycle, resilient to economic headwinds and market drawdowns.

Buying Quality companies seems an intuitively straightforward path to investment success. History supports the argument. The difficulty for investors is identifying those companies that are truly "Quality".

Concept of Quality

The Quality factor is described in academic literature as companies with durable business models and sustainable competitive advantages.

Warren Buffet’s mentor Benjamin Graham, Jeremy Grantham from Grantham, Mayo, & van Otterloo (GMO) and the economist Robert Novy-Marx are well known proponents of Quality investing. They all exhibited a rigorous focus on Quality attributes of stocks.

In what is considered one of the world’s best investing almanacs “The Intelligent Investor”, Benjamin Graham outlines some of the fundamental measures he looks for in a company. There are seven in total but ones that investors should not ignore include a sufficiently strong financial condition, earnings stability and earnings growth.

A recurring theme of The Intelligent Investor is that investors should demand from a company "a sufficiently strong financial position and the potential that its earnings will at least be maintained over the years.”

Adequate size of the enterprise
Earnings growth
Sufficiently strong financial condition
Moderate ratio of Price to Assets
Earning stability
Moderate Price to Earnings ratio
Dividend record

Authors Quality aspect Summary
Benjamin Graham



Earnings Quality

  • Adequate size of enterprise, sufficiently strong financial position, earnings stability, dividend record, earnings growth, moderate P/E and PB ratios
Richard Sloan

Earnings Quality

  • Accrual anomaly was reported
  • Accounting accruals (the non-cash component of earnings) are negatively correlated with future stock returns
GMO white paper


Stable Earnings Low Debt

  • High-Quality firms are likely to be underpriced due to low volatility
Robert Novy-Marx


  • Profitable firms generate significantly higher returns than unprofitable firms, despite having significantly higher valuation ratios
Max Kozlov and Antii Petajisto

Earnings Quality

  • Long stocks with high earnings Quality and short stocks with low earnings Quality (accruals) earned positive risk premium
  • Global earnings Quality portfolio produced a higher Sharpe ratio against market and value or small-cap strategies
  • Quality complements value investing thanks to its negative correlation to value
Clifford S. Asness, Andrea Frazzini, and Lasse H Perdersen





  • Quality stocks are defined to be safe, profitable, growing and well managed
  • Quality strategy produced information ratio above 1 in the US and globally (24 countries)
Eugene F. Fama, Kenneth R. French

Quality and Profitability

  • Size, value, profitability and investment patterns
  • By adding two new factors, average stock returns performed better than the three-factor model
  • Downside: Adding the new factors made value factor became less explanatory

MSCI Quality Indices

MSCI, one of the world’s largest index providers, analyses all of the companies in its universe and creates its Quality Indices based on the basis of three key Quality factors:

Identifiable metric:

1. High return on equity

Shows how effectively a company uses investments to generate earnings growth

Identifiable metric:

2. Low leverage/low debt

A measure of company leverage; and

Identifiable metric:

3. Earnings stability

How smooth recent earnings growth has been



International equities:
Quality through the cycle


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Other approaches to Quality

We found that in Australian small companies, by focusing on dividend payers, the resulting portfolio has a Quality tilt.

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Explore our Quality ETFs

We offer three international equity ETFs that utilise MSCI’s Quality approach

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We also offer an Australian Small Companies ETF that focuses on dividend payers which has been shown to result in a Quality tilt.

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