Rebuilding a 60/40 portfolio with smart alternatives

Thursday 29 June 2023
11:00am AEST
45 MIN

Traditional portfolio construction methods may be out of date. Inspired by The Future Fund, a new and improved approach is in reach.

In December last year, The Future Fund published a position paper titled, The Death of Traditional Portfolio Construction?

It considered the investment environment at the end of 2022 and determined, “Given where the world is today, investors are likely to need to work harder and employ different combinations of strategies than they have in the past."

In this live session, our speaker will challenge the validity of the classical 60% growth asset to 40% defensive asset approach and discuss the new levers needed for more flexible portfolios.

  • Julian Moore
    Julian Moore
    Business Development Manager, VanEck Australia
    Julian joined VanEck in 2017 and is responsible for business development across the broker and financial planning channels in New South Wales and the ACT. Prior to joining VanEck, Julian worked within Private Client Advisory at Bell Potter Securities. Julian has a Master of Applied Finance from Macquarie University, a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Sydney and a Professional Diploma in Stockbroking from the Stockbrokers Association of Australia.

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