Gain the ETF advantage by year end


 As Christmas approaches end 2014 with 1.5 CPD points... 


As Christmas approaches end 2014 with 1.5 CPD points.

We have launched an ETF education initiative and would like to offer you the opportunity to earn 1.5 CPD points. What you need to do:

Step 1Click here and send the email (if you have any problems with this link please ring 02 8038 3300).

Step 2 –We will issue you four short questions. Example questions include, “What is the magic number?” (Hint: It’s in the tax video)

Step 3 - Visit the site

Step 4 - Answer the provided questions correctly

Step 5 - Return your responses

Step 6 – We will review the responses and if correct issue the CPD accreditation

The education program highlights the many benefits of ETFs and how to integrate ETFs into portfolios.

ETFs offer:

  • lower fees than actively managed funds
  • full transparency - holdings are shown on a daily basis
  • liquidity and simplicity - buy and sell on exchange just like a share
  • tax efficiency

We recognise that one of the greatest benefits that advisers can provide to their clients is tax efficient management of portfolios. We highlight that ETFs deliver better capital gains tax outcomes than unlisted managed funds for two reasons. The first is their lower turnover. The second is that the trading on the ASX allows for a more efficient allocation of capital gains when other investors redeem from the ETF. This is all here 

Market Vectors ETFs is one of the largest ETF providers in the world. We are fully committed to helping Australian investors to better understand the benefits of using ETFs.

Wishing you a relaxing, yet productive festive season

Published: 09 August 2018