Finding Expert ETF Advice

Finding Expert Advice

VanEck's range of exchange traded funds can be purchased on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) just like stocks and other listed securities.

Investors can access our funds via a financial adviser or broker, who can purchase them on your behalf, or you can invest directly via an online share trading broker. A properly qualified financial adviser or broker can provide you with personal financial advice specific to your individual circumstances, needs and investment goals.

Find a financial adviser
You can find financial advisers near you via the Financial Planning Association's FIND A PLANNER tool on their homepage.

The Government's MoneySmart website provides details on how to best choose a financial adviser and CHOICE has a step-by-step guide on what to expect when engaging an adviser.

Find a broker
A selection of brokers are below:

A comprehensive list of brokers is also available via ASX.

Find an online trading platform
VanEck's exchange traded funds are available on the following online trading platforms.

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