Clean Energy ETF


Powering the future

The energy revolution is here

The transition to clean, renewable sources of energy and away from fossil fuels is accelerating.

Global consumption of renewable energy increased by more than 350% in the last decade, growing at an average annual rate of 13.7%1. With the rapid reduction in the cost of renewable energy sources like wind power and solar energy, clean energy is set to become the dominant source of power, globally.

Harness this long-term indisputable megatrend

There is a finite amount of fossil fuels and current estimates show these will be depleted within 140 years. The world is rapidly moving to the infinite power of renewable energy.

An investment in clean energy is an investment in the inevitable future of global energy supply.

Source: These estimations are from respective industry bodies and publications, namely the World Coal Association, World Nuclear Association, British Petroleum Statistical Review of World Energy 2020, and the International Gas Union Global Gas Report 2020. Gas estimate is based on proven reserves.


The structural trends accelerating the mass adoption of clean energy

Consumer and corporate demand for action on climate change and access to clean energy is soaring.

190 countries have ratified the Paris Agreement and committed to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

The cost of renewable energy is plummeting. Over 50% of the renewable capacity added in 2019 achieved lower electricity costs than new coal2.



CLNE | VanEck -Global Clean Energy ETF

In an Australian first, investors are now able to invest in an ETF that will provide exposure to the world’s largest companies involved in clean energy and clean energy technology & equipment from both developed and emerging markets.

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Long-term growth opportunity

An investment in the global energy supply of the future, and the transition to infinite, clean energy away from finite, non-renewable sources.

Targeted exposure

Targeted exposure to 30 of the largest global companies involved in the production of clean energy and related technology businesses.


A diversified portfolio across countries and companies which offers opportunities across a range of subsectors.


1. Forbes, Renewable Energy Growth Continues At A. Blistering Pace, 2 August 2020
2. International Renewable Energy Agency, Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2019
3. Citi, Financing a Greener Planet, Vol 2, February 2021

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