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VanEck is at the forefront of bringing a spot Bitcoin ETF to the ASX and has been since early 2021. You can now register your interest in the first bitcoin ETF on ASX.

Bitcoin’s evolution continues to transform, with regulated access through an ETF now a reality in the US, marking a significant step in its global acceptance. Despite hurdles to clear in Australia, including regulatory and exchange framework challenges, along with ASIC approval, VanEck intends to lead the way in bringing the first Bitcoin ETF to ASX investors.

With a mantra of 'Access the opportunities,' for many years, investors have leaned on VanEck in their pursuit of a bitcoin ETF. Like these investors, we consider the ETF vehicle is the optimal delivery mechanism for an asset class like bitcoin.

VanEck has been engaged with bringing a spot bitcoin ETF to ASX since early 2021, as the first fund manager to work with the regulator and exchange on the mechanics, and the first to formally lodge a submission for a bitcoin ETF to ASX. We resubmitted our bitcoin ETF application to the ASX in February this year.

Bitcoin is often called ‘digital gold’ because, like the metal, it is a potential store of value. With a long-standing and deep heritage in investing in gold, store-of-value investing is in our DNA.

In the US, VanEck was the first established ETF issuer to file for a futures-based bitcoin ETF in 2017 and a spot Bitcoin ETF in 2018. Despite US regulatory headwinds, the firm’s digital assets efforts continued with product development and investment globally. VanEck’s European arm currently manages 12 crypto ETPs, and our MarketVector index subsidiary was the first to launch a definitive suite of digital asset indexes. With our global reach, VanEck can leverage expertise and infrastructure to offer Australian investors a best-in-class cryptocurrency solution.

Investors interested in accessing this opportunity and receiving updates can register their interest below.

Last Updated On: 30 April 2024

Please note that while this product is not yet available, VanEck is committed to navigating the regulatory landscape to make a bitcoin ETF accessible to ASX investors.

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