Regulatory Documents

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Application Form – (Authorised Participants only) – Australian Equities ETFs - 06-Jun-17  
Application Form – (Authorised Participants only) – Global Equities ETFs - 18-May-16  
Application Form – (Authorised Participants only) – PLUS - 11-May-17  
ASIC Relief Instrument No 15-0547 - 26-Jun-15  
Distribution Reinvestment Plan Rules - 19-Jun-17  
Notice to Foreign Authorised Participants in EU, HK, Japan and Singapore - 14-Jul-17  
PDS: Australian Corporate Bond ETF (ASX code: PLUS) - 19-Apr-17  
PDS: Australian Equities ETFs (ASX codes: FDIV, MVA, MVB, MVE, MVR, MVS, MVW) - 26-Jul-16  
PDS: Australian Floating Rate ETF (ASX codes: FLOT) - 19-Jun-17  
PDS: FTSE Global Infrastructure (Hedged) ETF (ASX code: IFRA) - 08-Apr-16  
PDS: Global Equities ETFs (ASX codes: CETF, GDX, MOAT) - 20-Jun-16  
PDS: MSCI World ex Australia Quality ETF (ASX code: QUAL) - 02-Oct-14  
Unit Pricing Discretions Policy - 19-Jun-17